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Steering Committee Meeting (Updated)

Steering Committee Meeting

When: 7:00 pm

Where: Flying M Coffee Wise Guys Pizza, Boise

What: Planning March/April Events


Boise DSA Steering Committee

Ashley, Kenneth, Alex, Kent, Millie, Andrew, Chris, Sammi

Facilitator: Andrew      Secretary: Chris

  1. Special Election next Tuesday
    1. Room is scheduled at Xanadu
    2. Andrew is configuring the Schulze method for easy use with Python app; he is working on a web site that anyone could use
      1. One types in a password and votes into the app
      2. For next week’s election, Andrew will input the votes,
        1. We will need to use blank paper, since people are being proposed at the meeting
      3. Sammi has been drafting best practices, and is willing to document our process
      4. Andrew suggested we have one line for each, indicating priority or preferences
      5. Ashley volunteered to draft the ballot
    3. Other business
      1. Andrew wants to reflect on the invasion of Iraq
        1. He would like to do media critique, discussing a New York Times opinion
        2. Robert suggested critiquing Judith Miller
      2. The beginning of the meeting could be devoted to working groups presenting work accomplished and propose ideas
    4. Ashley & Alex will collaborate on the agenda and Alex will print
    5. Steering Committee meeting should be at beginning of month, since events have been at end of month. April 4, 7:00. Goldy’s
  2. Comedy Night next Wed
    1. Wed, April 21, 2018 at Xanadu. 7:30-10:00.  
    2. People are encouraged to promote on their social media, friends, etc.
    3. We will have request a contribution, $5.
      1. We will have a treasurer by then, and we are a 401© through DSA
      2. Alex suggested make it a social afterwards, pot luck style
      3. Andrew will contact the comedian, who reached out to us, since he has worked with other DSA chapters
  3. Social watching Trump Land March 31
    1. Xanadu 8-11
    2. Bring whatever food or drink you want to share