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Steering Committee Meeting (June 2018) - Updated

When: May 30th, 7PM

Where: Goldy’s Corner

What: Steering Committee Meeting for June events

All are welcome!


Start: 7 PM
8:30 PM

  1. Banner
    1. Sammi made a design that should work well
    2. Chris has quotes.
    3. Can the SC vote to approve or do we need to do it at a General Meeting?
  2. Alt-pride - Sammi
    1. Literature hand outs
    2. Buttons & swag
    3. If we don’t have the official banner by then, can we make a temporary one?
  3. June General Meeting
    1. I think we have a date already from last SC meeting?
    2. Topic?
    3. Where?
      1. We decided last meeting we should do it at a park. We probably aren’t big enough to warrant reserving a spot. Just find some tables.
      2. Ann Morrison?
      3. Fairview?
  4. July Steering Committee Date
  5. Brainstorm ideas for future meetings so we can ask members to start researching for presentations and/or looking for guests
    1. Political power dynamics in Idaho
    2. Climate change & Ecology
    3. Housing
    4. Idaho labor history
    5. Immigration, ICE, and the beginnings of American Fascism


Table of Contents

  1. General Meeting
  2. July Steering Committee Meeting
  3. Banner
  4. Alt Pride
  5. Misc Ideas

When: 7 PM - May 30th Where: Goldy’s Corner

Start: 7:10 PM

General Meeting

  • Tuesday June 19th
  • Which park?
  • Juneteenth holiday
    • Kamil/Emily will give a short history
  • Anthony from Fair Housing Council might be a good guest speaker
  • Chris: maybe it should be a BBQ social that is really accessible
  • George: Have banner and literature
  • Advertise at alt-pride
  • Robert: Find park that allows beer
  • Sunset park
  • Dogs welcome
  • Setup 6:30 PM - 7 PM
  • Agenda
    • Intro to Boise DSA - 5 minutes - Emily
    • History of Juneteenth - 5 minutes - Kamil & Emily
    • Small group discussion - 20 minutes - Ashley
    • 4-5 people
    • What interested you in Socialism?
    • What are you reading/listening to?
    • Discuss terms from Socialist glossary
    • Report back to big group - 5 minutes
    • Socialize
  • Make pamphlet for event - Riley
  • Make Boise DSA business card by June 9th

July Steering Committee Meeting

  • Wednesday June 27th, 7 PM at Goldy’s Corner


  • Ready to order

Alt Pride

  • Sammi: Space for people who are not comfortable at regular Pride
  • Booth without bein to loud or ideological

Misc Ideas

Emily: Weekend training/workshop for talking about Socialism July maybe?

  • Ashley:
    • Diana Lachiando
    • Candidate focusing on homelessness, opioid epidemic, and NIMBYism
    • Reclaim Idaho
    • Joining Idahoans for Healthcare coalition
    • Turn out the vote/voter registration campaign
  • Emily:
    • Make hygiene packs for homeless to distribute in August
    • Create a timeline for next SC Meeting

End: 8:22 PM