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Steering Committee 06-27-2018

When: June 27th, 7PM

Where: Goldy’s Corner

What: Steering Committee Meeting for June events

All are welcome!

Table of Contents

  1. July Meeting
  2. August Meeting Ideas
  3. Next steering committee
  4. Immigration rally
  5. More ideas

Start <2018-06-27 Wed> 7:15 PM at Goldy’s Corner

July Meeting

Immigration would be a good topic. Robert: We could get someone from PODER There are things we can do that PODER cannot and should find ways to work together. Ashley: We should definitely reach out to them. Emily: We should reach out to Hector Josh talked about how to protest legally Josh: Democratic fundraising sucks Emily: Ideas for meeting:

  • Organize direct action
  • Special Election
  • Watch and discuss video

Ashley: Get in touch with Portland DSA and learn about their actions Chris: How do we find where ICE operates from Boise area Robert: Hold meeting at Old Courthouse Steps Ashley: Has contact with Spokane DSA members from northern Idaho. We should organize a phone call.

Finance Committee Meeting Date: <2018-07-11 Wed> 7 PM Location: Goldys

General Meeting: Immigration Date: <2018-07-16 Mon> 6:30 PM Location: Boise Main Library Marion Bingham Room

Tenative Agenda:

  • Intro to DSA (Rachel)
  • Guest speaker on immigration
    • Robert will organize
  • Video call
    • Ashley will organize
  • Special Election
  • Small group breakout

Know Your Rights Meeting Date: <2018-07-21 Sat> 6 PM Location: Old Courthouse Steps

August Meeting Ideas

Riley: Breakdown of terms, ideas, and theory Josh: We could do youtube videos on terms Ashley: These are good ideas for Education Committee

Ashley: August Charlottesville memorial meeting August: Idaho Labor History (Robert) September: Food And Agriculture (Sammi & Kent) October: Healthcare (Ashley)

Next steering committee

Date: <2018-07-25 Wed> 7 PM Location: Goldy’s Corner

Immigration rally

Date: <2018-06-30 Sat> Noon Location: Capitol (11:30 AM @ Blue Sky) Bring banner Ashley and Chris will print out posters

More ideas

Ashley: We should hold a campfire meeting to unpack race and privilege

End 8:30 PM