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Organizing Committee Meeting (Updated)
Jan 11, 2018

Date January 10th

Location: Boise Public Library, Main Branch, Gates Room

Time: 7:30 PM


DSA Boise Organizing Committee Meeting

January 10th, 2017, 7:30 pm

715 S Capitol Blvd, Boise Public Library, Main Branch, Gates Room Boise, ID 83702

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm

Members Present: Alex, Robert, Chris, Ty Staney, Kenneth, Andrew, Kent, Rachel, Sammi, Dave, Miley, Matthew

Chris opened with a suggestion of consensus voting as the governmental function of the organization. Briefly mentioned were the pros and cons: time consuming, but blocks abusive figures from dominating decision making. Chris provided a graphic for how the consensus voting process functions.

Robert referenced the SCLC as an example of successful consensus voting. Robert proposed we form a separate committee for the construction of a set of by laws to be presented the to the OC and general body. Unanimous agreement.

Communication issues with the emails were addressed and clarified. will be used for the OC communication platform.

Medicaid expansion was discussed. Meeting with Luke Mayville is set for January 12th, 2017 at 6:30 at the Boise Flying M.

Kenneth proposed using the Burner’s Alliance Xanadu meeting place as a venue for a General meeting.

Next OC meeting was set for the Boise Public Library for February 7th.

NSO representative, Dave, for DSA momentum, has proposed that the DSA joint host their #altcampusread event. Unanimous vote in favor of joint event. All DSA and NSO members voted to email.

Finance committee was formed with Robert, Chris,

Records and Communications Committee was formed including Ty, Sammi, Alex,

Sammie provided sketches for vote for the logo of the DSA. Vote was taken to narrow sketch concepts for greater development.

Meeting was adjourned 8:55pm.

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