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October 2018 Steering Committee Meeting
Oct 24, 2018
  • November General Meeting
  • November Steering Committee Meeting
  • What is our next campaign/action?
  • How do we better onboard new members?



Andrew C Steve Noah Kenneth Rachel Jaime

Start: 7:18 PM at Goldy’s Corner Facilitator: Rachel Minutes: Andrew c


Rachel: Facilitator needs to be a better defined position. Have a list of people that we know can do it.

Andrew: Watch video Emily posted on discord

Jaime: As a POC, we need to specifically reach out to minorities

We discussed Paulette Jordan an the reasons DSA hasn’t been interested in helping her campaign. Boise DSA knows that we aren’t in a good position to endorse candidates due to our size and power.

Steve: Why don’t we put all officers on the list for facilitators and asked Rachel if she would be willing to facilitate the next meeting.

We discussed how to be sure facilitators know how to handle chaotic situations and return to the topic.

Secretary will keep list of people who have volunteered to be facilitator at meetings.

General Meeting

Sunday, November 18th
2:30 PM - 4 PM


  • Member and working group updates
  • Discuss PSL and other proposals

Steve: we should discuss how we respond to Vanishing Boise. What should our involvement be?

Noah: Fundraiser called LEAP focuses on affordable housing. Noah reached out to the founder and asked if there is interest in working with them. This would be a good chance to bring groups together to see where else we can help organize.

Steve: We should have a discussion about how we want to follow up with Vanishing Boise given that we heard from her last meeting.

Andrew: We should hold a Regular Meeting (see bylaws) in November.

Some members were not familiar with our meeting definitions so we discussed them.

Steering Committee Meeting

November 28th - 7 PM at Goldy’s Corner

Onboarding new members

Andrew: We need to have a better process for new members.

Steve: We should make sure new people get connected with an existing member to get better acquainted.

Rachel: We could keep a list of people who are willing to be “sponsors”

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