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NSP Reading Series: ABC's of Socialism
Jan 20, 2018

Date January 20th

Location: Boise State University, Student Union, Farnsworth Room

Time: 4:00 PM

Join Boise DSA and NSP for the ABC’s of Socialism!

Find a digital copy here

There’s no way to be informed without devoting effort to the task, whether we have in mind what’s happening in the world, physics, major league baseball, or anything else. Understanding doesn’t come free. It’s true that the task is somewhere between awfully difficult and utterly hopeless for an isolated individual. But it’s feasible for anyone who is part of a cooperative community…a community — an organization — can be a basis for action, and while understanding the world may be good for the soul (not meant to be disparaging), it doesn’t help anyone else, or oneself very much either for that matter, unless it leads to action. - Noam Chomsky

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