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November Steering Commitee
Jan 1, 0001

Nov 28th- Steering Committee

Those in attendance: Rachel, Sarah, Emily, Noah, Kenneth, Austin, Sammi, and Ashley

-Suggest we cancel December general meeting due to the holidays and in its place we would do a winter solstice social gathering at Rachel’s house. December, 21st, at 8pm. Potluck food and drinks. Rachel to send out invites/information

-Propose our next Steering committee meeting at the beginning of January. Agreed. Tuesday, January 8th at 7pm at Goldy’s. Emily to do agenda

- Sunday, January 20th, at 2:30pm proposed for the next General Meeting. Current location tbd, Noah will reach out to Kent to see about reserving space at BSU

  • Proposed to have annual convention in February in lieu of a February General.
  • February 24th, location and time tbd
  • Proposed resurrecting the By Laws committee at the beginning of January. Moved to call it the Convention Committee
  • Per our by laws, 30 day notice needs to be sent to General members 30 days before the convention
  • Thursday, January 3rd, for Convention Committee. Call to have it at the downtown Boise Library. Sarah to book room Have it every two weeks until the February Convention

Noah to send out email to update members on the upcoming events.

Noah to be added to Facebook admin

Call to have a records committee meeting.

Upcoming events/updates/actions

Tenant Town Hall- Noah to go and take notes. Wants to promote within group due to many members being renters. Reminders to send out- FB, twitter and discord. Update on town hall for January steering and General.

PSL statement- pushed to January steering

Tabling 2019 events, Treefort is unavailable since it is non-political. Western Idaho State fair, and Hyde Park Street fair. Kenneth to do updates at January General.

SLCDSA- Organizing training on Dec 1-2. No members are set to go. Ashley to email the organizer to see about getting materials we can distribute through our group.

Rachel to email Maria Svart on our chapter status.


Soc Fem- January 12th, at Emily’s house, at 3-5pm

Noah interested in Working Group for Organizational Research

  • Emily discussed the possible function of the Steering Committee is to watch over the chapters growth and organizing capacity. Moved to have the working group created with the plan to establish and eventually bring those responsibilities to the Steering Committee

General structure: opened up discussion on elected positions and current leadership roles.

  • Proposed to have this discussion at the next steering committee and General with emphasis on preparing for the Bylaws.


Have a welcome letter to any new email subscribers- Noah and Kenneth

January point of contact- Sammi

Create a list of people willing to be facilitator or scribe, place on Google Drive, create volunteer list via google form. Looking to put up facilitator/ scribe resources for members. -No definitive person responsible.


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