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November General Meeting 2018

Proposal for discussing PSL

I. The Specific Issue:

Part 1: 3 minutes: What exactly is the current proposal with PSL and DSA? We are looking for a clear, concise description without judgment of good or bad.

Part 2: 3 minutes: Responding to questions to clarify part 1. Getting clarification on the issue, without criticism or support for the proposal.

II. Background on PSL:

Objective background:

Part 3: 5 minutes: A description of PSL based on public sources: PSL website, Wikipedia, news sources, etc. Purpose is to present the objective, public face of PSL, their goals, their values, as a neutral person would see them, without judging in any way.

Part 4: 3 minutes: Answer any questions about information in part 3. More input of an objective nature. This is not a time for criticism nor support, just clarification.

Subjective background:

Part 5: 5 minutes: Let DSA members describe their positive personal interactions with PSL.

Part 6: 3 minutes: Answer any questions to clarify part 5, without going into refutation or support.

Part 7: 5 minutes: Let DSA members describe their negative personal interactions with PSL.

Part 8: 3 minutes: Answer any questions to clarify part 7, without going into refutation or support.

III. Discussion:

Part 9: 20 minutes: A general discussion about any of the above.

IV. Consensus:

Part 10: 5 minutes: reaching a consensus and stating it clearly.

Total time: 55 minutes.

It might be a good idea to require people to raise their hand and be recognized by DSA officer in order to speak. DSA officer would stop any comment that does not fit into the current part of the discussion and request that the comment be offered again at the more fitting time.


Summary Minutes, Boise DSA General Meeting, 11/18/18, Boise Main Library

Meeting start: 2:35 PM. End 4:03 PM

All attending introduced themselves and described their current interests. 21 people attended.

Current interests ranged from international events (eg, elections in Brazil, Brexit, the Khashoggi killing) to national concerns (eg, the current administration, California fires, ranked choice voting) to local issues (eg, approval of Medicaid expansion, the Idaho gubernatorial race, affordable housing, the Green Party in Idaho.)

**Updates from Working Groups: Health Care Working Group: **Now that Medicaid expansion has passed, the concern should be its implementation. The Health Care Working Group will be meeting every other week, starting November 27, 7:30-8:30 PM at Goldy’s Corner, 625 W Main St, Boise. Paid sick leave is on the agenda.

Education Working Group will meet on December 4, 7:00-8:00 PM, Wiseguy Pizza Pie, 570 Main St, Boise. The group will define and discuss socialism in its various forms. Andrew Chumich recommended the book Socialism… Seriously: A Brief Guide to Human Liberation, by Danny Katch, 2015, for the group.

Other upcoming meetings: New Members meeting, November 27, 6:30-7:30 PM, right before the Heath Care Working Group Meeting, and at the same place: Goldy’s Corner, 625 W Main St, Boise.

For all meetings, check “Calendar” at to confirm place and time.

Main agenda Item: For consideration: Should the Boise DSA interact with the Party of Socialism and Liberation?

After a thorough hearing, the consensus was that the Boise DSA would not interact with the PSL.

Designated Boise DSA members will formulate a response to the PSL, per our consensus, in the event the PSL requests interaction.