Boise DSA

Democratic Socialists of America

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May General Meeting - Housing

May 16th, 2018

Xanadu - 5015 Bond St.

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May General Agenda.pdf


7 PM - Intro to DSA

New to DSA? Interested in learning about our organization? Come early for an introduction to Democratic Socialism and our work in Boise.

7:30 PM - General Meeting

With recent rapid growth, Boise and Treasure Valley residents are feeling the growing pains associated with capitalist development (over-abundance of luxury housing, gentrification, and skyrocketing rent). The perpetual debate between YIMBYs and NIMBYs seems to leave no room for socialism, yet there must be an alternative. How do we beat the NIMBYs without handing over our cities to private developers? We organize tenants against their landlords, and push for effective public policies (like social housing). Join us to learn and discuss how to achieve equitable, democratically-planned housing for all!