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January Steering Committee
Jan 8, 2019

When: Jan 8th, 2019 - 7 PM Where: Goldy’s Corner Chapter status

Ashley - we need to reapply to OC due to “streamlining” of process from national.

We need to claim zip codes for our chapter. Suggestion that we take as much space as we can

so we can represent the most members. We should go west to 83607 to take all of Caldwell and east to Mountain Home for a total of 22 zip codes. Ashley has the list.

[email protected] email should be the official email of the chapter. Andrew needs to make the mailbox accessible to multiple people.

Once we apply for OC status, we will recieve a list of dues-paying members within our area.

It is questioned if we should submit our current bylaws or wait until we vote on an updated one in February.

It is important that we do it early enough to attend the national convention.

Emily suggested that we publish yearly priorities along with our updating of the bylaws.

The convention committee has the goal of January 31st for the final draft of the new bylaws.

We will submit for OC status tonight and work on submitting for official status ASAP.

General meeting

When: Sunday, January, 20th at 2:30

Where: Somewhere at BSU, Ashley is working with Joe Goode

We have been moving towards using General Meetings for updates on working groups, not necessarily where the work gets done.

Doing our meeting on campus gives us the chance to do outreach.

It is suggested that we plan to have some meetings out towards Nampa/Caldwell to include everyone within our claimed area.

With our meeting being hosted by BSU Young Dems, it is important that we use this opportunity to discuss and clarify our differences

with the goal of finding areas where we can work together.


  • Updates from working groups
    • Education WG
    • Folks who went to Tenant Town Hall (Noah?)
    • Bylaws
    • Healthcare
    • SocFem
  • Have DSA member give 10 minute introduction to Socilaism, DSA, and how we are different from Dems (Kent? - Ashley and Emily backup)
    • Give handouts (Ashley)
  • Give Young Dems opportunity to share their platform
  • Small breakout session with discussion questions (20 minutes)
    • Introductions - What issue(s) motivated you to get politically involved
    • Where do you see the greatest impact of your organization?
    • Report back to the larger group. A Young Dem in the group will summarize what the DemSocialists said and vice-versa
  • Solidarity Forever :)

Call for a Records Committee meeting in March

PSL Statement

All in agreement that the statement submitted by Kent is good.

Steering Committee

Wait until after the Convention.

February 28th, 2019

7 PM at Goldy’s Corner

End: 8:30 PM

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