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General Meeting 07-2018

When: July 16th, 2018 6:30 PM

Where: Boise Main Library - Marion Bingham Room

Topic: Immigration


6:30 / Introduction to DSA / Boise DSA - Rachel

6:40 // Assigns Roles

Chapter Updates / Announcements

6:55 // Small Group Breakout-Emily

7:15 // Video Call with Portland DSA

8:00 // Post call discussion/brainstorm

8:20 // Upcoming meetings & next steps


meeting 00

chapter updates and announcements

-attended stop separating families rally, debuted banner, distributed abolish ice banners.  

  -Need to bring sign up sheets and table

-Finance committee meeting updates

  -Need to incorporate, and have a lawyer look over it

  -Not sure of how much to set up a business/IRS non-profit

  -discussion of using current elected members as board for the chapter

  -fundraiser idea was discussed (at the finance committee not at this meeting): socialized bingo was suggested 

-Know your rights training took place: ~3 people attended, people are encouraged to attend especially before one engages in direct action as one can only get legal advice from an attorney. 

   such as occupation/doxxing, etc

  -Kenneth strongly encourages such training is essential

2. Small group breakout:What do we know about Portland’s direct action and what do we want to know?    Direct action is contrasted with protesting as more like taking direct action often interrupting people’s day to day action, demanding visibility or disrupting something functioning.

 -Brief synopsis of ICE action, surrounded the building shutting down operations for days at a time

Call with Portland DSA  Juno (they/them) Portland DSA Secretary

  -technical issues caused some fluctuation and cutting out but it got better

Occupy ICE grew organically out of a vigil on Father’s day, as it was wrapping up, a few(non-DSA) people decided to put up tents and started tweeting about it. 

DSA engaged the next day observed a card table and tents, 8 tents but grew organically from there by Tuesday evening the numbers had grown to 50 ICE escorts from federal protective services

closed on Wednesday. DSA’s role was publicity (non-identifying photos) by Twitter “THIS ICE BUILDING IS NOW CLOSED” adopted by print and internet media.  As the space grew, the occupation took on its own energy, people bringing food, batteries.  specialization grew up organically (media,  comms, mental heath),

Regret: not doing a better job to plan to provide services for people coming by.  Though a robust network of services came together

Q: How large is the Portland DSA?

   -20 people after 2016 election up to 800

Q: at what point did this become an official action

   -It didn’t really, actions are formally adopted by vote,which didn’t happen in Occupy, people acted in their own individual capacity?  Portland has a self-organizing ethos, through consensus.  Wanted to not exert undue influence.  That was an issue that was stressed through media outreach

Established slack channel for communication during occupy, anyone can create a channel and then people just do the thing, limited by officially identifying the self-organized actions as “official actions”

-Steering committee also drafted a letter to the city, with mobilization follow-up

Q: what did the chapter do for training?

-Previous actions were focused around marching and were less oriented to direct action.  Previous experience in coalition with Portland Stands United Against Hate,  learned more direct actions, comms, and deescalation committed.  Capacity building through coalition building

Q: Did you do an research for local ordinances or a legal trouble strategy:

Each  town is different. Active chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, we worked with them.   If we’re planning a march, and expect repression we coordinate in advance.  We recognize we’re not the most ….we coordinate with other groups with other groups.  In towns with less organized left, try to build connections with other organizations. 

Q: what steps have you taken to protect the immigrant community from a backlash

The main thing we’ve seen is  ICE attempting to weaponize media to point at the intervening group as the real enemy.  We did a gofundme  where allocated funds to immigrant legal aid work.  Some was given to direct cash stipends because the office was closed.  Attention given to counter the narrative that people were doing more harm than good.  

Q: have you had arrests?

9 arrests on the day of the sweep, no complete tally, all DHS cops, variety of charges, resisting arrest, assault on an officer, releases have been quick, team tracking doing jail support, 

-lots of injuries in the process, use of force incidents.  

Q: do you have a bail fund

  -local organization  ABCs

Q: What have you been reading and listening to?

Delete your account podcast and why misogynists make good informants

really glad that networks and relationships were in place.  expanded as a result of this action.

Q: did the Portland ICE action begin as a protest and evolve or was it planned?  

3. Discussion of upcoming meeting/possible actions

Next meeting will be steering committee meeting (free booze) at 7 p.m. on July  25th 

Financial committee august 15th at 7 p.m. at Goldy’s

Electoral thing, block party for Diana L. on Wednesday 

Spokesman lessons learned:   got involved due to tenant rights issues. Got involved with Boise Renter’s United they want people to go to city council meetings.

Andrew is identified as the Twitter

Closing thoughts:  we’re new, we’re small, and we’re open to new direction

Meeting disbanded, but people encouraged to mingled