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Democratic Socialists of America

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Finance Committee Meeting 07-2018

When: July 11th, 2018 7PM

Where: Goldy’s Corner

All are welcome to join and participate.


Finance Committee Meeting


  1. The National DSA organization does not have a procedure in place to allow chapters to use National organization’s EIN (tax number) to open a bank account using
    1. They do provide guidelines for Chapter Incorporation- Guidelines for 501©(4) Incorporation
    2. Chapter decides to incorporate per bylaws
    3. Articles of Incorporation must be written-Rachel will do this
      1. They should be reviewed by an attorney-Chris will look into this
    4. A Board of Directors is needed, minimum 3 people
      1. Suggested this be the Steering Committee
    5. Articles are presented at General Meeting for adoption (August General Meeting)
    6. Chapter passes Organizing Resolution, this gives authority to obtain EIN and open an account in Boise DSA’s name.
    7. Articles are submitted to State of Idaho
    8. After obtaining EIN, choose credit union to use
    9. State laws give guidance on who will open and have custody of account
  2. Fund Raising Ideas
    1. Bowl-a-Thon
    2. Movie Night
    3. Farm to Table Dinner w/live music, silent auction
    4. Bingo Brunch
    5. Selling Swag
    6. Have a table at event to recruit and sell swag
      1. Hyde Park Street Fair, Idaho Fair
  3. Venmo Account
    1. Need to obtain to take credit or debit card payments or donations
  4. Suggestion that finance committee track assets
    1. Banner, bull horn, buttons, literature