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Convention Committee
Feb 21, 2019

Attendees: Rachel, Emily, Ashley, Tich (phone), and Andrew (scribe)

  • Tich suggests we meet to discuss convention after the event
  • Logistics for convention
    • Ashley: we should host the convention at the Reclaim Idaho office. They are moving out at the end of the month, but still can use the space.
    • Emily: Propose we plan to finish by 4 PM, so we should start by 2 PM
    • 2 PM at Reclaim Office 4795 W Emerald
  • Bylaws changes
    • Proposal to limit recording and pictures at meetings
    • Emily: we as the chapter maintain control over what visual media gets distributed
    • Proposed text (Article 3 section 4): Audio and video recordings will not be permitted during Convention, General, Special meetings, working group meetings or events, to protect member privacy and to encourage open & honest discussions. Photography will be allowed if given by informed consent by co-chairs & organizers, including specifying use and areas of distribution and full control of editing and distribution by DSA members & coordinating committee.
    • All agree to include
    • Ashley: we will vote on “Rules for Respectful Discussion” (RFRD) separately from the bylaws
  • Back to convention logistics
    • Agenda
    • State of the Local: Speech giving review of this past year, here’s what we’re pushing toward (Ask: Chris)
    • Bylaws (Tich, popcorn style read-through, facilitate questions & feedback)
      • Overview of merits of proposed bylaws (Ash & Emily)
      • Consensus process (Andrew)
      • Vote to adopt Rules for Respectful Discussion (Rachel)
    • Priorities Discussion (future resolution for rank-choice voting priorities); (Ashley, breakout-style discussion)
    • Group learn a song (Andrew)
  • Text dues-paying members

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