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Convention Committee - Jan 17th
Jan 17, 2019


January 17th, 2019 Boise Main Library 7 PM Andrew Chumich

Tich - Wants to wait until a later date with more people to discuss and write out updates to the bylaws. It’s important to have as many people involved as possible.

Ashley - We want to spend as much time as we can at first on the bylaws and then move on to Convention planning. Most people attending have not looked at other DSA chapters’ bylaws so Ashley proposes we move them to the Preamble. The Golden Circle: Who, Why, and What should be the starting point.

Andrew - To build power for the working class Noah - To show how a far-left activist group can be effective in a conservative community. We want to prove that we can make leftist ideas feasible in a community that would seem resistant to it.

Kenneth - It is our job to bring structural critiques to the forefront of political debate.

Ashley - We are people who see problems in all parts of society and at all scales and are looking to make a difference in our community through organizing. We learn so much online, but find it difficult to take action in real life. It is DSA’s goal to create that space for action. We are looking to change the way members of our community interact with it and exercise their power.

Tich - Our goal to to put forward a critique of a system that people are not used seeing as a problem. They may not fully agree with the Socialist critique, but believes that radical critiques are required to break out of the current stagnation of ideas.

Ashley - We must define some of our terms clearly. The working class can’t continue to be associated only by the “white working class” stereotype.

Kenneth - The history of the far-left in this country is rooted in the labor movemment, but it has lost its power.

Ashley - We need to mention our vision for a democratic society with an equal distribution of resources.

Noah - To sum up: we are trying to raise the consciousness of systemic/structural barriers locking the working class out of democratic power and working to break that barrier down.

Ashley - We should continue this discussion at the convention

Andrew - We can let members know beforehand if they would like to prepare something formal

Noah - Our statement of purpose should include a description of the community we work in and a sketch of how to coalition build To hone our skills as organizers, we should hold educational events where we share and learn how to organize.

Ashley - Build DSA has shown that a lot of other chapters are going through a similar phase as us.

Tich - Ideas for general outreach. We should hold more social events to bring in members who might not want to come to a formal meeting. Make sure there is free food. Maybe a restaurant we free appetizers.

Ashley - The movie nights were fun even though they fell apart.

Noah - Cafes might let us reserve some spots for a board game night

Ashley - Should try to plan a social night in February

Four Pillars!!!!! Coalition, Direct Action, Education, and Electoral

Tich - New York only has a Constitution, not bylaws. Their definitions are slightly different. Constitution is more “statement of purpose” and less specific rules and procedure. They require national members dues while we do not. They also specifically call out members of democratic centralist organizations for discipline.

LA has their mission statement separate from their bylaws. They also have a detailed section on discipline. Their steering committee is all elected positions and they use Robert’s Rules of Order only when discussing bylaws changes.

Ashley - The last meeting they discussed potential updates to our bylaw, thing we can make better, change, or expand on.

We should think about changing our spokespersons to ‘Co-Chairs’ and give them actual responsibilities. Ashley will research how other chapters define ‘Co-Chair’.

Tich gave some ideas on how to update language to be less ambiguous.

Noah - Proposal to move February meetings to, 7th and 21st. Removing the 14th for Valentine’s Day.

Tich - We should make comments on the Google Doc before next meeting

8:39 PM

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