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Canvas and Movie Social
Feb 24, 2018

Date February 24th


Location: Library! at Bown Crossing, Eberle Room

Time: 12:30 PM

Join us to gather signiatures for Medicaid for Idaho!

Our state lawmakers have balked at the idea of Medicaid expansion, but the vast majority of Idaho voters say they are disappointed with the failure of the Idaho Legislature to address the Medicaid issue. A recent Boise State survey found that 70 percent of Idahoans favor legislative action to close the Medicaid gap. Medicaid expansion has enjoyed substantial support from voters in both parties. Eleven states led by Republicans have expanded Medicaid.

We can win. Last summer, when we joined the statewide conversation about the need to close Idaho’s Medicaid gap, we found widespread support all across Idaho. Today, a grassroots movement led by people in every corner of the state is taking action to expand access to affordable healthcare. We hope you’ll join this movement.

Movie + Social

Location Xanadu, Idaho Burners Alliance

Time 4 PM

We will be watching the movie 13th.

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