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Boise Renters United Meeting
Feb 11, 2019

Boise DSA members attended the second Boise Renters United (BRU) meeting on February 11th 2019. The goals of the meeting were straightforward: discuss “vision” and “mission” and then to create working groups so members can begin working collaboratively in smaller groups.

The priorities discussion was fruitful with a heavy focus on building the power of renters in relation to property owners. DSA’s mix of ideologies will fit in well in the group with both the systemic analysis and focus on renter power/agency of BRU. Anthony of IFHC facilitated the meeting again and did an impressive job of clarifying why renters need to see themselves as a group whose interests diverge from the property owning class, not due to the morality of individuals in either group, but due to structural (class) divisions. See the attached meeting notes for a full list of the “vision” and “mission” ideas we discussed.

We then broke up into 5 different working groups:

• Facilitation/Logistics WG

• Mission/Vision WG

• Outreach & Education WG (includes DSA members)

• Resource Guide WG (includes DSA members)

• Rapid Action/Response WG

Each group planned to meet again before the next BRU meeting to discuss ideas and strategy.

I encourage all DSA members who are renters to participate in future BRU meetings. The fight to make housing a right while fighting the climate destroying hellworld of suburban sprawl will take more than just voting for the right candidates, it will require drastically increasing the collective power of workers. BRU is a perfect opportunity for us to improve our organizing skills and to get real experience building working-class power.


Andrew Chumich

Boise Renters United Meeting.pdf

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