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August Special Election
Aug 17, 2018

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Minutes, General Meeting, August 17, 2018

Scribe: Robert

Facilitator: Andrew

1) Spokesperson Election

Andrew described the role, which is basically speaking for us when we get media inquiries. We opened the floor to nominations. Emily & Andrew nominated and seconded Chris. Max & Joe nominated and seconded Emily. We had a sample vote using Andrew’s new tool that was linked from the web site, using our phones. Pizza and salad appear to be the (un)official foods of the Boise DSA. Official vote had 12 participants, and Chris Baylis was elected spokesperson. Sammi remains the other spokesperson, Andrew is still Secretary, and Rachel is still Treasurer. These are our 4 elected positions.

2) Finance Committee Update

Rachel explained that the official State bylaws are ready to submit. Our Official Name is Boise Democratic Socialists of America, Inc. I will get the text of the current Purpose and Dissolution statements from Rachel, and will post them as a reply here. Discussion ensued about whether or not we should amend our private bylaws to take the required State “Board of Directors” (our 4 elected officials) into consideration before filing with the state. We will discuss this at next week’s Steering Committee meeting and decide on a course of action. Those of us who were on the original Bylaws Committee suggested that we could turn this around fairly quickly. We don’t want to slow down the process of getting a bank account, which is our primary purpose in filing.

3) Nationwide Prison Strike discussion led by Will & Emily

The Strike is 821 - 99, so coming right up. We passed around a Zine created by some of the organizers, we passed around a sign up sheet for future actions including a banner walk or banner drop, flyer distribution, pen pal activities, contacting representatives, and there were a couple of other options on the sheet. Will specifically mentioned a local chapter of Black & Pink, an LGBTQI+ pen pal program that we could work with. We are always looking to work with “single issue” organizations when possible. Emily will provide us with a couple of Twitter handles to follow on this issue.

Joe provided a deep dive into the recent history of and future plans regarding prison privatization and expansion. This really brought home that we also have local prison-related issues to bring attention to and fight against right here right now.

We closed this discussion with a vote, using consensus process, on whether we wanted to make an official statement of solidarity with the strike. Motion made by Joe, seconded by Robert and others, motion passed! I believe this was our first official act using consensus process. Andrew will post a statement on the Web Site, Will will officially register us with the strike organizers as official supporters.

4) Working Group Discussion

Emily led a brief discussion detailing how we are a small but growing organization, and people are always welcome to start a working group for an area they are interested in leading. We had several new attendees at this meeting. Robert mentioned that all are welcome at our Steering Committee meetings as well. We do everything transparently and all are welcome to be as involved as they are able.


Brief discussion on the organizing efforts of the Northwest DSA regional organization. There is now a proposed constitution and a public comment period is underway. I will post the link as a reply to these minutes, and will send to the email list as well.

We closed with a rousing rendition of Solidarity Forever, as is our custom.

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