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April General Meeting (Updated)

Boise DSA General Meeting

When: April 17th - 7PM

Where: Xanadu (5015 Bond St)


Boise DSA General Member Meeting  - 4.17.18

Working Group Updates:

Education Working Group:  Met April 12 to discuss a reading: Socialism as a Set of Principles by Current Affairs and had a discussion afterwards. For now this group will meet to do accessible readings. The idea is to educate, of course, and make material more accessible for people who are interested in what DSA or socialism is. NSP is having a reading this Sat, April 21st, at 4:39 at BSU in the SUB, Cataldo Room. The reading is Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by Frederich Engles.

Health Care Working Group: First action has been working with Medicaid Expansion. This effort has done really well. The emphasis had been door knocking and organizing. This weekend we will be collecting for Canyon County, meeting April 21, 10-3 at Windemere Realty in Caldwell. There will be a short training and then door knocking. There will be food provided. The state group, Medicaid for Idaho, has called us out and our contribution as Boise DSA. We have also gotten National attention in articles such as Huffington Post. Utah just got their signatures to put their initiative on the ballot.

Direct Action Working Group: What is direct action?  Statement: Need to critically examine system and identify actions that are of direct benefit to those around us. The group laid down parameters: not act in ways that would damage larger group, no civil disobedience. Direct action can involve educate and outreach.

A proposal was made there be a political/electoral working group to work with/endorse a candidate. This will be revisited at the next General Meeting as we are stretched thin at this moment.

Finance Working Group: $105 in funds

Records Working Group: Andrew has been working on website, making it easier for members to post.

He will schedule meeting to discuss social media and other duties of this working group.

Steering Committee: discussed future of records meeting, set agenda for this meeting, Social for April 28 5:30 start with hike at Camels Back, then watching the Young Karl Marx at Xanadu at 7:30.

Small Group Break Out: What is our next action item? 1) Medicaid for All, after it is on ballot leading up to Nov.  2) Affordable housing, anti-gentrification. Fair Housing groups, public housing. Idaho Fair Housing Council, have volunteer work:  Coalition building with existing groups. 3) Reach out to political candidates after primary; let them know DSA is here, we can talk/educate. 4) Public transportation. This intersects with housing and effects immigrant/poor.  5) Propaganda/Agitprop: need an influx of people. Now is the time to push b/c Dems/GOP in disarray. On the other hand, slow coalition building is more sustainable. We can meet in the middle, become more vocal and more visible. We need a structure that can support our actions. By attaching our name, even to small actions, it gets Boise DSA name out there and pulls more people in.

Proposal for Presence at Pride; booth there. Alternative Pride at Ann Morrison Park, art, music, food. Outreach to get people registered to vote and more involved.

Upcoming Events: Meet a Marxist Flying M Coffee Garage, Nampa April 27th, 5-8 pm. May General Meeting Wed 16th 7 pm, location to be announced.  Next Steering Committee, May 7, location and time to be announced.