Boise DSA

Democratic Socialists of America

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2019 Chapter Convention
Feb 23, 2019

When: Sunday, February 24th - 2 PM

Where: 4795 Emerald Street Suite I


The primary goal of the meeting is to discuss and pass the revised bylaws which can be found here: Link To Bylaws

  • State of the Local: Speech giving review of this past year, here’s what we’re pushing toward (Rachel & Andrew)
  • Bylaws (Tich, popcorn style read-through, facilitate questions & feedback)
    • Overview of merits of proposed bylaws (Ash & Emily)
    • Consensus process (Andrew)
    • Vote to adopt Rules for Respectful Discussion (Rachel)
  • Priorities Discussion (future resolution for rank-choice voting priorities); (Ashley, breakout-style discussion)
  • Group learn a song (Andrew)

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