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Organizing Committee Meeting (Updated)

Date January 10th Location: Boise Public Library, Main Branch, Gates Room Time: 7:30 PM Minutes DSA Boise Organizing Committee Meeting January 10th, 2017, 7:30 pm 715 S Capitol Blvd, Boise Public Library, Main Branch, Gates Room Boise, ID 83702 Meeting was called to order at 7:35 pm Members Present: Alex Olsen, Robert Stevahn, Chris Baylis, Ty Staney Kershner, Kenneth Freeman, Andrew Chumich, Kent Kiser, Rachel Beukelman, Sammi Lowman, Dave McKerracher, Miley, Matthew Mattefs
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NSP Reading Series: ABC's of Socialism

Date January 20th Location: Boise State University, Student Union, Farnsworth Room Time: 4:00 PM Join Boise DSA and NSP for the ABC’s of Socialism! Find a digital copy here There’s no way to be informed without devoting effort to the task, whether we have in mind what’s happening in the world, physics, major league baseball, or anything else. Understanding doesn’t come free. It’s true that the task is somewhere between awfully difficult and utterly hopeless for an isolated individual.
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Organizing Committee Meeting

Date February 7th Location: Boise Public Library, Main Branch, Simplot Room Time: 7:30 PM Agenda - Review Bylaws - Plan next General Meeting

NSP Reading Series: Four Futures

Date February 17th, 2018 Location: Boise State University, Student Union, Farnsworth Room Time: 4:00 PM Join Boise DSA and NSP for a reading of Peter Frase’s Four Futures: Life After Capitalism! Buy a copy here Facebook Event One thing we can be certain of is that capitalism will end. Maybe not soon, but probably before too long; humanity has never before managed to craft an eternal social system, after all, and capitalism is a notably more precarious and volatile order than most of those that preceded it.
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General Meeting: Bylaws Passed!

Date February 21st Location: Xanadu, Idaho Burners Alliance (5015 Bond St) Time: 7:00 PM Agenda Action: Assign Roles of Facilitator and Scribe Intro to Boise DSA and Tonight’s Agenda Report from Denver DSA / Emily / 5 minutes Medicaid for Idaho / Ashley / 10 minutes Bylaws Overview / Bylaws Committee Member / 10 minutes Background of Bylaws and Consensus Process / Chris and Robert Action: Consensus Process to Approve Bylaws March Election of Steering Committee Action: Sing Solidarity Forever Action: Folding Flyers and Discussion Groups Find Boise DSA Bylaws here
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Canvas and Movie Social

Date February 24th Canvas Location: Library! at Bown Crossing, Eberle Room Time: 12:30 PM Join us to gather signiatures for Medicaid for Idaho! Our state lawmakers have balked at the idea of Medicaid expansion, but the vast majority of Idaho voters say they are disappointed with the failure of the Idaho Legislature to address the Medicaid issue. A recent Boise State survey found that 70 percent of Idahoans favor legislative action to close the Medicaid gap.
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Steering Committee Meeting (Updated)

Steering Committee Meeting When: 7:00 pm Where: Flying M Coffee Wise Guys Pizza, Boise What: Planning March/April Events Minutes: Boise DSA Steering Committee Ashley, Kenneth, Alex, Kent, Millie, Andrew, Chris, Sammi Facilitator: Andrew Secretary: Chris Special Election next Tuesday Room is scheduled at Xanadu Andrew is configuring the Schulze method for easy use with Python app; he is working on a web site that anyone could use One types in a password and votes into the app For next week’s election, Andrew will input the votes, We will need to use blank paper, since people are being proposed at the meeting Sammi has been drafting best practices, and is willing to document our process Andrew suggested we have one line for each, indicating priority or preferences Ashley volunteered to draft the ballot Other business Andrew wants to reflect on the invasion of Iraq He would like to do media critique, discussing a New York Times opinion Robert suggested critiquing Judith Miller The beginning of the meeting could be devoted to working groups presenting work accomplished and propose ideas Ashley & Alex will collaborate on the agenda and Alex will print Steering Committee meeting should be at beginning of month, since events have been at end of month.
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DSA Special Election (Updated)

Date March 20th Location: Xanadu, Idaho Burners Alliance Time: 7 PM Boise DSA is holding its first election! We are electing 4 positions: 2 Spokespersons Primary contacts for media Treasurer Responsible for tracking chapter finances Chair of the Finance Committee Secretary Responsible for archiving committee minutes and other important records Chair of Records Committee All elected members must participate in the Steering Committee
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Comedy Night Featuring: Arish Singh

Boise DSA Comedy Night and Potluck Featuring: Arish Singh When: March 21st, 2018 – Doors 7pm - Show starts at 7:30 Where: Xanadu, Idaho Burners Alliance (5015 Bond St.) Join Boise DSA for a night of laughs, food, and comradeship. Arish Singh is in town for Treefort Music Festival and has generously offered to perform for our chapter. Bring some food to share! Suggested donation of $5. Also, check out Arish’s Treefort Schedule and catch him again!
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Movie Social: Trumpland

Date March 31st Movie + Social Location Xanadu, Idaho Burners Alliance Time 8-11 PM We will be watching the movie Trumpland: Kill All Normies based on the book Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle. Bring drinks, snacks, and friends to watch and discuss the movie. How culturally and politically powerful is the Alt-Right? How accurate is Nagle’s analysis of the left’s role in fueling the Alt-Right? How can the left create a rival movement?
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April Steering Committee Meeting

This event is open to any member of Boise DSA When: April 4th, 7PM Where: Goldy’s Corner Agenda: Updates from elected members Andrew has some updates of website and how others can publish to it Ashley, Sammi, or Rachel? Plan April events General Meeting Social Direct action (Matt or Rachel?) Plan May Steering Committee meeting Minutes Start: 7:18PM Discuss website and who has access Ideas: Theory Updates Local journalism George: Article on the dollar bill Kent Refoundation is already writing stuff Capitalist satire Andrew need a records committee meeting to sort ideas out Need an online place Rachel-Treasurer $105 from comedy night Will set up meeting soon Sammi Busy now, but can give presentation on stuff turtle island has been working on Ashley Medicaid expansion event on Saturday in Nampa.
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April General Meeting (Updated)

Boise DSA General Meeting When: April 17th - 7PM Where: Xanadu (5015 Bond St) Read & discuss an essay from Emma Goldman: The Individual, Society, and the State Minutes: Boise DSA General Member Meeting - 4.17.18 Working Group Updates: Education Working Group: Met April 12 to discuss a reading: Socialism as a Set of Principles by Current Affairs and had a discussion afterwards. For now this group will meet to do accessible readings.
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April Social

When: April 28th - 5:30PM What: We have 2 activities planned! First we will be celebrating Spring by going on a hike from Camelsback Park starting at 5:30PM. Public trails and socialism are a match made in heaven! After that, we will head to Xanadu (5015 Bond St) to watch The Young Karl Marx. Bring food, drink, and good spirits!

May Steering Committee Meeting

When: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 - 7 PM Where: Goldy’s Corner, Downtown Boise What: Planning events for May All Boise DSA members are welcome to participate.

May General Meeting - Housing

May 16th, 2018 Xanadu - 5015 Bond St. Facebook Event Link May General Agenda.pdf Schedule: 7 PM - Intro to DSA New to DSA? Interested in learning about our organization? Come early for an introduction to Democratic Socialism and our work in Boise. 7:30 PM - General Meeting With recent rapid growth, Boise and Treasure Valley residents are feeling the growing pains associated with capitalist development (over-abundance of luxury housing, gentrification, and skyrocketing rent).
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Steering Committee Meeting (June 2018) - Updated

When: May 30th, 7PM Where: Goldy’s Corner What: Steering Committee Meeting for June events All are welcome! Agenda: Start: 7 PM End: 8:30 PM Banner Sammi made a design that should work well Chris has quotes. Can the SC vote to approve or do we need to do it at a General Meeting? Alt-pride - Sammi Literature hand outs Buttons & swag If we don’t have the official banner by then, can we make a temporary one?
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June General Meeting at Sunset Park

When: Monday, June 19th – 7 PM - 9 PM Where: Sunset Park - 2625 N 32nd St, Boise, ID 83703 What: General Meeting, BBQ, and social Bring food and friends! Agenda: Introduction to DSA & DSA BOI (Em) Commemorating Juneteenth (Kamil & Em) History, Celebrations, & Connections to Socialism: how socialism is or could be relevant to people of color, re-imagining public spaces for community-building and organizing, celebrating as part of resistance * Small Groups Breakout (Ashley) * Notice of Special Election * Request to Allocate Funds to Banner * Potluck, Games, Socializing!
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Steering Committee 06-27-2018

When: June 27th, 7PM Where: Goldy’s Corner What: Steering Committee Meeting for June events All are welcome! Table of Contents July Meeting August Meeting Ideas Next steering committee Immigration rally More ideas Start <2018-06-27 Wed> 7:15 PM at Goldy’s Corner July Meeting Immigration would be a good topic. Robert: We could get someone from PODER There are things we can do that PODER cannot and should find ways to work together.
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Families Belong Together Rally

When: June 30th 2018 12 AM Where: Idaho State Capitol Building More event info here We will be meeting at 11:30 AM at Blue Sky Bagels to organize.

Know Your Rights Training

When: July 8th, 2018 - 6 PM Where: Old Courthouse, 514 W Jefferson We will be participating in an informational training on best practices and legal rights when interacting with police.

Finance Committee Meeting 07-2018

When: July 11th, 2018 7PM Where: Goldy’s Corner All are welcome to join and participate. Minutes Finance Committee Meeting 7.11.2018 The National DSA organization does not have a procedure in place to allow chapters to use National organization’s EIN (tax number) to open a bank account using They do provide guidelines for Chapter Incorporation- Guidelines for 501©(4) Incorporation Chapter decides to incorporate per bylaws Articles of Incorporation must be written-Rachel will do this They should be reviewed by an attorney-Chris will look into this A Board of Directors is needed, minimum 3 people Suggested this be the Steering Committee Articles are presented at General Meeting for adoption (August General Meeting) Chapter passes Organizing Resolution, this gives authority to obtain EIN and open an account in Boise DSA’s name.
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General Meeting 07-2018

When: July 16th, 2018 6:30 PM Where: Boise Main Library - Marion Bingham Room Topic: Immigration Agenda: 6:30 / Introduction to DSA / Boise DSA - Rachel 6:40 // Assigns Roles Chapter Updates / Announcements 6:55 // Small Group Breakout-Emily 7:15 // Video Call with Portland DSA 8:00 // Post call discussion/brainstorm 8:20 // Upcoming meetings & next steps Minutes: meeting 00 chapter updates and announcements -attended stop separating families rally, debuted banner, distributed abolish ice banners.
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Steering Committee (07-18)

When: July 25th, 2018 - 7 PM Where: Goldy’s Corner What: Steering Committee. Planning August events. All are welcome! Agenda August General Meeting Labor history Folk music hootenanny August Steering Committee Meeting AJJ Tabling August 3rd Discuss potential action campaigns Planning future meetings/topics Minutes Table of Contents Minutes August General Meeting Steering Committee meetin AJJ Tabling Prison strike Other future actions Future meetings Agenda:
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