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April Steering Committee Meeting

This event is open to any member of Boise DSA When: April 4th, 7PM Where: Goldy’s Corner Agenda: Updates from elected members Andrew has some updates of website and how others can publish to it Ashley, Sammi, or Rachel? Plan April events General Meeting Social Direct action (Matt or Rachel?) Plan May Steering Committee meeting Minutes Start: 7:18PM Discuss website and who has access Ideas: Theory Updates Local journalism George: Article on the dollar bill Kent Refoundation is already writing stuff Capitalist satire Andrew need a records committee meeting to sort ideas out Need an online place Rachel-Treasurer $105 from comedy night Will set up meeting soon Sammi Busy now, but can give presentation on stuff turtle island has been working on Ashley Medicaid expansion event on Saturday in Nampa.
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April General Meeting (Updated)

Boise DSA General Meeting When: April 17th - 7PM Where: Xanadu (5015 Bond St) Read & discuss an essay from Emma Goldman: The Individual, Society, and the State Minutes: Boise DSA General Member Meeting - 4.17.18 Working Group Updates: Education Working Group: Met April 12 to discuss a reading: Socialism as a Set of Principles by Current Affairs and had a discussion afterwards. For now this group will meet to do accessible readings.
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April Social

When: April 28th - 5:30PM What: We have 2 activities planned! First we will be celebrating Spring by going on a hike from Camelsback Park starting at 5:30PM. Public trails and socialism are a match made in heaven! After that, we will head to Xanadu (5015 Bond St) to watch The Young Karl Marx. Bring food, drink, and good spirits!