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Democratic Socialists of America

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Organizing Committee Meeting

Date February 7th Location: Boise Public Library, Main Branch, Simplot Room Time: 7:30 PM Agenda - Review Bylaws - Plan next General Meeting

NSP Reading Series: Four Futures

Date February 17th, 2018 Location: Boise State University, Student Union, Farnsworth Room Time: 4:00 PM Join Boise DSA and NSP for a reading of Peter Frase’s Four Futures: Life After Capitalism! Buy a copy here Facebook Event One thing we can be certain of is that capitalism will end. Maybe not soon, but probably before too long; humanity has never before managed to craft an eternal social system, after all, and capitalism is a notably more precarious and volatile order than most of those that preceded it.
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General Meeting: Bylaws Passed!

Date February 21st Location: Xanadu, Idaho Burners Alliance (5015 Bond St) Time: 7:00 PM Agenda Action: Assign Roles of Facilitator and Scribe Intro to Boise DSA and Tonight’s Agenda Report from Denver DSA / Emily / 5 minutes Medicaid for Idaho / Ashley / 10 minutes Bylaws Overview / Bylaws Committee Member / 10 minutes Background of Bylaws and Consensus Process / Chris and Robert Action: Consensus Process to Approve Bylaws March Election of Steering Committee Action: Sing Solidarity Forever Action: Folding Flyers and Discussion Groups Find Boise DSA Bylaws here
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Canvas and Movie Social

Date February 24th Canvas Location: Library! at Bown Crossing, Eberle Room Time: 12:30 PM Join us to gather signiatures for Medicaid for Idaho! Our state lawmakers have balked at the idea of Medicaid expansion, but the vast majority of Idaho voters say they are disappointed with the failure of the Idaho Legislature to address the Medicaid issue. A recent Boise State survey found that 70 percent of Idahoans favor legislative action to close the Medicaid gap.
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